Our Durban

We are Taryn and Sybil, and we love our home town, but we have realised that even though we live in this beautiful city there are so many interesting, beautiful, and fun things to do here, that we’ve never experienced… So we are on a mission to rediscover our city and share our adventures as we do.

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Essenwood Market.

This market has had a long and prosperous run, and it’s still one of the finest flea markets in Durban. The day we chose to go could not have been a more perfect summer’s day, just right for the outdoor venue. Fortunately there is no shortage of shade thanks to the lovely canopy of trees overhead. Our only gripe is that we had to park in Musgrave Centre and walk up to the market, but it does beat having to do laps around the block looking for parking. 

This market has so much to offer and is a wonderful outing for families with all the action for kiddies. There is the park itself with swings and jungle gyms, pony rides, bubble ball rides and so much more. There are over 200 hundred stalls, according to sa-venues.com, that trade in a wide variety of items. Jewelery, clothing, curios, books, plants, flowers, food, art, home décor and more. It’s an awesome place to buy gifts or even just spoil yourself.